Accomplishments …

Well, it’s been almost two months and I need a post again today, so let’s check up on how my accomplishment kick is coming along. It’s also a good time to do it because things are about to shift a bit before hopefully settling in until the end of the year.

DVDs and TV shows are working out pretty well. For half-hour shows, a little too well. I’ve finished “The Nanny” and pretty much finished “Mork & Mindy”, leaving only “Soap” on my dedicated list. I’ve also finished “Star Trek: Voyager” and am about to start the last season of “Star Trek: Enterprise”. I even managed to watch some movies during this time, rewatching the prequel and original Star Wars movies and adding a couple others. I haven’t managed to watch any of my huge list of horror movies, but I’m starting to see a path to watching some again. I’ve made steady progress on this throughout this entire kick. Again, so much so that I don’t know what I want to watch for half-hour episodes when I finish “Soap”.

Books slowed a bit during this time. When it’s hot outside I don’t like to have my lights on, and that limits the time I can spend reading. I also ended up buying some graphic novels that I worked and am working my way through, so I only managed to get to about page 400 in “War and Peace”. This was not helped by the fact that “War and Peace” is a dense work, both in terms of content and simple size. I’m not going to get through my reading of classic works by the end of the year.

For games, I never really did get around to playing the Gold Box games. I have started playing Elsinore, and have finished four more planets in The Old Republic for my Smuggler. So better than usual, but I’d still like to think that I could do better in well over a month.

For projects, I’ve started playing around with Twine a bit. I haven’t started doing anything with AI because of how busy I’ve been.

Things were slower this time, with only DVDs and TV shows consistently making progress. Let’s see how things work out as I head towards the end of the year and, hopefully, to times when things are less busy than they are right now.

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