Thoughts on “Star Trek Legion of Superheroes”

While looking for “Star Trek vs Transformers” I found a couple of other graphic novels that I was interested in, and one of them was a crossover between Star Trek and the Legion of Superheroes. I liked the old Legion comics but haven’t been as thrilled by the newer incarnations, but this was one that was worth checking out.

The concept isn’t as ludicrous as Star Trek vs Transformers, and the work is much more serious than that work was. Also, there’s really no way to put the two into the same universe, so it requires some kind of dimensional shift to pull off. This ends up producing a dark universe, which is a bit like the Star Trek mirror universe crossed-over with a dysfunctional Legion universe, run by Vandal Savage. The impetus for this change and their presence ends up being a trapped Q with two immortal beings — Savage and one from the Star Trek universe that I don’t recall — driving things.

The work is, again, more serious, but the plot works relatively well. They also seem to try to stick in a number of tropes from the respective works, especially from the Star Trek universe (although part of that would just be me being more familiar with them). Kirk ends up defeating Savage with a Kirk Speech, while in the past Spock and Brainiac 5 use logical reasoning to free Q. About the only misstep is how much Kirk hits on the women in the work; Kirk did indeed like the women, but he was usually smart enough to only do it when they might be interested and at the appropriate times, so it feels more like character assassination than any kind of interesting reference.

Overall, the work is … well, good. It was interesting enough even if it wasn’t, overall, as fun as “Star Trek vs Transformers”. The only thing about it is that I feel it’s too shallow a crossover for fans of the two universes but as a crossover it’d be hard to get anything out of it if you aren’t a fan of at least one of the two universes. So its audience seems limited to more casual fans of the universes like myself. Still, it was entertaining enough and I might read it again at some point.

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