First Thoughts on “Knights of Pen and Paper”

After finishing off “Sunrider Academy” and “Monster Prom”, I was poking around with the games I own and decided to play “Knights of Pen and Paper”, which is essentially a PnP RPG simulator. You create some players and characters and insert them into a game with an actual DM. Then you go around and travel to various places and do quests. There is, in fact, an actual story here, although it was difficult to figure out that there was one originally because the game wasn’t all that clear about how to trigger it. But you get the DM commenting on what’s happening as well as NPCs making comments and the players making comments on what the NPC is saying and so on and so forth.

The biggest advantage of the game is that essentially you play as both DM and players and so when combat occurs — except for boss fights — you get to choose the challenge level you wish to face. This means that you can make things hard or easy and so at least try to guarantee that your party survives it if you’re someone like me or that you have a challenge if you aren’t. So far that’s making the game work pretty well for me.

The graphics are essentially old-style 8-bit graphics, which works well-enough. The story doesn’t seem to be anything epic at the moment, but is serviceable enough. In theory you can have up to five players in the party — there are five chairs by default — but at the start two of those are locked. You earn gold that can be used to buy things like snacks and the like for the table but I have no idea what that does and haven’t tried it yet. I also expect that you can buy better equipment for the characters but have found no way of doing that yet.

So far, it’s entertaining enough. There’s more to it than there was in “Monster Prom” and the mechanisms are less annoying than “Sunrider Academy’s”. Not a classic, but I got it all really cheap on sale and so far it’s doing the most to be worth the price of the GOG games I’ve been playing recently.

2 Responses to “First Thoughts on “Knights of Pen and Paper””

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