Months and months …

As regular readers will already know, I’ve been on an accomplishment kick for the past little while. I’ve been doing well with it, but it looks like I’m going to be heading into the toughest part of that kick quite soon: in all of the areas that I’m trying to finish things in, what I’m committing to finishing will take several months to finish.

I’m almost finished with Agent Carter as part of my plan to watch Agents of SHIELD and Agent Carter. That’s roughly six seasons (five regular seasons of AoS, and two half-seasons of Agent Carter). My expected pace is about a season every two weeks, so roughly three months. Not too bad. However, my plan after that is to watch the Star Trek series that I haven’t watched, so Voyager, Enterprise and Discovery. Voyager itself has more seasons than the AoS/Agent Carter combination. All told, there’s probably about twelve seasons to watch, for 24 weeks or at least six months. That’s longer than I’ve committed to anything so far, and that’s for things where my only impression of them is mostly negative.

Books are now hitting the same issue. No, I’m not planning on going through my philosophy books, although that would be a huge commitment as well. No, I’ve decided, after reading some old science fiction, to read some classic literature. Some of those are, of course, rather short, but the list includes the complete Sherlock Holmes, the complete works of Lovecraft, and the complete works of Shakespeare, as well as Stephen King’s “The Stand” (to tie into my watching of various movies of Stephen King works). That’s … quite a bit of reading.

Games, however, are under control, for the moment. I’m almost finished Sunrider Academy, and Knights of the Old Republic is going pretty well (although it will still take at least a couple of months to finish). So I’m only in the range of 2 – 3 months for now. That might change when I decide what game to play after Sunrider Academy.

And projects were always going to take a lot of time, but adding AI projects to it has added far more things where regular progress is required but will take quite a long time to finish.

I’m the sort of person who gets distracted by new and shiny things that I want to do. I’ve commented before about how I can be distracted from a game of Wizardry 8 by coming up with a new idea for a party that gets me to start the game over. Can I commit to six months of watching shows or reading books without deciding to watch or read something else? Only time will tell.

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