It’s Been Five Years …

… and I still miss City of Heroes.

I was musing on that while playing The Old Republic and creating my new character (a Jedi Consular modeled after Sabrina from Sabrina the Teenage Witch). I’m always struck when creating characters in any Bioware game just how limited the customization options are despite them seemingly being among the better studios at allowing it. And then I started looking at getting a nice outfit for her because Sabrina would be a fashion plate, and couldn’t find anything all that interesting. Perhaps it’s because I only had 2000000 credits to spend on the GTN and all the good outfits were out of my price range, and the Cartel Market options weren’t that interesting, but I found most of them somewhat interesting but far too similar for me to bother with. And I only cared about looks, not about stats, which makes it doubly depressing when I compare it to City of Heroes.

City of Heroes was probably my ideal MMORPG. Costuming was built into your character creation, so you could style everything about your character before you ever stepped into the world. The powersets were interestingly varied, both inside and outside the main divisions. The hero and villain worlds were interestingly varied. The story arcs were interesting. The task forces were amazing, and didn’t suffer from TOR’s problem where people often try to skip the cutscenes to get on with the rest of it if for no other reason than that about the only thing you got out of them was the story that linked the missions together, as the XP gain and quest rewards weren’t overwhelmingly impressive. All it lacked was TOR’s class story arcs — it actually had more area and quest story arcs than TOR does — and it was starting to build something like that at the end with Going Rogue.

I haven’t heard of any MMORPG doing anything as well. To be honest, I also haven’t heard of all that many new MMORPGs starting up either, and so maybe we have hit MMO saturation. There are supposedly a few independent studios trying to do CoH-like games, but only time will tell if any of them will be completed or be any good.

For superhero games, there aren’t that many out there. Champions Online did not seem like my type of game. I actually tried DC Universe Online, and am not interested in it. I own Freedom Force — both in original and in GOG form — but have never really been able to get into it. Replaying the Legends and Ultimate Alliance games are an option that I’ve mused about, and there’s that DC PSP Legends-type game that I keep considering playing. But other than the online Marvel stuff, I don’t even know about decent superhero type games anymore. And City of Heroes, before it died, was one of the best.

Yes, I still miss it …

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