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So, I did actually resubscribe to “The Old Republic” and have started playing a new female, pureblood Sith Inquisitor. I lasted about seven months. To be fair, though, it wasn’t the main game and story quests that convinced me to stop subscribing to it, but just the fact that I had no interest in the “Eternal Throne” story arc after the disaster — at least for me — of “Fallen Empire”, and wasn’t going to have the time to play the game anyway. But after getting through the recruitment stages of Dragon Age Origins and then burning out on it — although I may still finish that character at some point — and hearing about SF Debris going through more of the class stories and also rewatching his Imperial Agent videos I started to miss it a bit again, and so decided to try it out.

With how they’ve made the missions easier and, in general, XP gain faster, things go much smoother than they did in earlier releases, meaning that it’s much more painless to just do a class story run. I’m running this Inquisitor as a dark side character, with a heaping of racial superiority. I’m also giving her a similar backstory to my previous Inquisitor — based on Galen from Babylon 5 — where her being a slave is more a ruse and part of her Grand Plan than a real starting point. As such, she’s often going to take actions to weaken the overall power structure so that she might be able to benefit from it — like lie about a powerful Sith Lord being the Revanite leader so that his apprentice will get him eliminated — but isn’t insane and so won’t do that if it looks like it might overly weaken the Empire. She will have a cruel streak, though, and is more than willing to apply copious amounts of Force Lightning if it seems like it would be effective or, well, fun.

I was originally going to go for a Sith Warrior because I want to go Dark Side and romance Jaesa, but also wanted to do a different race this time and didn’t want to have that character be a pureblood (which would clash with the romance). So I might do that one next, if I manage to stick with this one.

What has been really nice so far is that stopping in the middle of a planet isn’t actually a problem. It will be a little more annoying later when I get to the more spread out planets, but here I had to meet Zash in the cantina, was told about something else I needed to do but that I wasn’t sure I’d have the time to do, so I just stayed there. With fewer quests on the go and so less to keep track of, it’s pretty easy to stop at the end of an area, go back to your ship or a cantina to get that sweet, sweet Rest XP, and pick up where you left off the previous time.

We’ll see how long this lasts for me, as again right now I’m pretty much committed to only one game at a time, and right now this … is it. I’m suspicious that if I get through this one I’ll have an issue, because since I like to do the planet missions, too, I’d end up thinking “This again …” if I just start the Imperial side over again, but I’m not sure that I want to do any of the Republic side classes again, except maybe Smuggler, while I would indeed like to do pretty much any of the Imperial ones again.

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