Playboy …

So, about a year ago, Playboy decided to stop including pictures of nude women.

And now, they’ve gone back to posting nudes.

It turns out that people don’t really buy it just for the articles …

(To be fair, it seems they still put in pictures of attractive women, they just weren’t completely nude. Which then would have made them the equivalent of Maxim with a slightly more recognizable name. That … probably wasn’t going to work.)

2 Responses to “Playboy …”

  1. malcolmthecynic Says:

    Gotta love the mental gymnastics going on in that article. Even though Playboy’s main appeal is that it features photos of nude women it’s totally NOT a porn magazine, no Sir.

    • verbosestoic Says:

      That has to be done to justify talking about it, because you can’t discuss porn in “polite company”. That it is very relevant to business because of the economic impact the empire had is besides the point.

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