Comic Lapse …

I think I’m letting my Marvel subscriptions run out next year.

I’ve already talked about the problems I’ve been having with it. They’ve continued to get worse. Agents of SHIELD is over. Darth Vader is over. I’m not enjoying X-Men ’92 that much. I ended up taking Star Wars: Han Solo … and it ended, to be replaced with Darth Maul. I’m not interested in the replacements, had already been having a hard time finding good series to replace the ending series with, and am not interested in scouring the lists every few months to find something cool. The only series I still like is Deadpool, and I’m tempted to just wait and buy the trade paperbacks. Sure, price-wise they’re more expensive, but then I get the entire story one-shot, too, and have an easier time storing them.

It’s been a while, certainly, and if things hadn’t kept changing so much I would have stayed. But it changes too much to be worth it for me right now.

5 Responses to “Comic Lapse …”

  1. natewinchester Says:

    I’ve gone almost exclusively to trades nowadays except for some independents who don’t always collect.

    If you’re patient enough, I recommend and some other places where you can often get trades for $10 or less. I can’t remember the last time I payed cover price for one. Also if you can make conventions, there are frequently sellers with large trade collections for sale. Once I got 5 books for $20. Save up, make a list, you can come out alright.

    • verbosestoic Says:

      I’ve gotten some decent deals on Amazon and some sales from local comic shops, but the issue with me is that in general I don’t make a list, but instead just browse and pick up what I like when I see it. As for comic conventions, I live a bit west and south of the city, and the conventions end up being downtown or in the east end, which means that I have to drive a fair bit to get there … and then have to deal with crowds which I despise. Savings might be nice, but the cost and annoyance usually overwhelm any reason — including that one — that I’d have for going to a convention.

      • natewinchester Says:

        Well if you’re a browser you definitely need to hit up a place like Half Price or McKay’s (I don’t know where you live). Like I was thrilled when I found – well it wasn’t a trade, just a large comic special apparently – of a Darkseid/Galactus crossover for $2-4. Those places can be some decent gold mines.

        I hear you on crowds. Otherwise you’ll have to make up a list and give it a friend to brave the con and get stuff for you. I’d also recommend Fridays or Sunday attendance as those tend to be lighter days and aren’t too bad.

        A comic shop owner and I did have an idea about a netflix type deal for trade paper backs once…

      • verbosestoic Says:

        Well, I think all I need to say is that I live in Canada [grin].

        I’ve actually found that the bookstores tend to have surprisingly good selections of trades, but for price a couple of shops that I know of are probably better,

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