2016 in review

WordPress didn’t prepare or send me a report this year — either they’ve stopped doing it or I need a higher level account to get it — but I figured I’d still talk about how the blog did this year.

I ended up with about 100 hits less this year than I did last year, which means that I’m still hitting at around 15,000. This is, of course, pathetic compared to many, many other blogs, but is still pretty good for this one. And it’s a surprising result, since I had less posts this year, 171 to 182, and I definitely found that the more posts I make the more hits I get. What I think kept things this close was the fact that I had a lot more visitors this year than I had last year, by just under a thousand. So, last year fewer people read more posts at a time, while this year more people read fewer posts at at time, likely reflecting more people having read all of the interesting things in my archive that the WordPress suggests with each post, and perhaps not missing so many posts and so not having to work backwards from the latest to read what I had posted that week.

Getting the same number of hits only because more people read (overall) is pretty much totally due to the readers, so thanks to everyone who reads this blog.


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