Final Vacation Status …

So, my vacation is now pretty much over except for the crying, and so I can look back on it and see what I managed to do:

What worked in the last half? I finished watching Charmed, sorted out all of my Legendary cards, got well ahead on the blog, ripped most of my CDs over to a USB drive so I can listen to them at work (and drown out the stereo swearers on either side of me [grin]) and watched all of the Captain America movies, the Avengers movies, and Deadpool (twice). I also did a fair bit of cooking over it, defrosted my freezer and shoveled snow as appropriate.

What didn’t work in the last half? I did no writing, no programming and played no games except for sessions of Pinball Arcade. I also didn’t do all that much other housework.

Other than the blog — which is well ahead — I didn’t get much done over the break that I really wanted to do while I was in my busy streak. That being said, I’m content with what I got done, as a lot of what I did get done was more useful or beneficial. As an example, watching Charmed would have taken me about four months in my regular schedule, and I’m not sure that I would have been able to take it for that long, but at least now I can say that I finished it. And the other things can be done once I go back to work as well.

Overall, it was an okay vacation.


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