Vacation Status …

So, I’ve been off on vacation for a few weeks, and am pretty much just past the half-way point. As usual, I had a lot of things that I wanted to get done going in. How am I doing?

The first thing to note is I set a schedule with rough precise times for doing things … and that schedule is completely blown. There are a number of reasons for this. Curling interrupted it for the first week. Snow interrupted a few days. I started watching “Charmed” and other things which cut into the time for other things. The weather wasn’t great and so cut into my schedule outdoor exercise (walking). While the very rough outline of the schedule still works — stuff in the morning, lunch, stuff in the afternoon, quit for the day — in general what was supposed to be happening there, well, isn’t.

This means that I haven’t accomplished much of what I wanted to do.

So have I done anything useful? Well, I did manage to get ahead in blog posts. I also managed to finish reading and commenting on the Hugo Awards (watch for those to come out on Mondays until mid-January). I finished “Knights of the Fallen Empire”. I’m currently on Season 5 of Charmed — watch for comments on the first four seasons to come out right after New Year’s — which is great because if I tried to watch the entire series in my projected available time once I get back to work it would have taken me almost four months. I played Legendary — the card game — twice. I got some walks. I mostly cooked enough for the week every week. I got in my Christmas shopping run (that’s when I got Charmed).

So, then, what’s likely to not get done? I was looking at doing some little programming projects, playing with RAGS and other things. But I don’t think I have the time to get anything useful done before the end of my vacation, and that was the main point of putting a push on that over my vacation. I’ve also not really played video games over my vacation, and so likely won’t finish two runs of Bloodlines, if I even finish one. Right now my fear of having to go through repetitive combat is making me nervous about playing it. I may or may not move on to another game.

So, finally, what’s left? I want to keep pushing to get ahead on the blog, and finish up a few things, like my comments on “Unapologetic” and the latest two videos from Anita Sarkeesian. You won’t see them until mid-January, however. I also wanted to do some writing in terms of short fiction, one of which is a fan fiction, and I still hope to get those done by the end of my vacation. I’d also like to play three other board games — Star Wars Rebellion, A Touch of Evil, and Albion’s Legacy — by the time I go back. And I’d like to be almost finished “Charmed”.

So, so far, so okay. We’ll see how the rest of it goes.


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