National Boost …

So, again, I watched some curling on the weekend. The National was on (it’s sponsored by Boost) and so I again watched a lot of the women’s competition and not all that much of the men’s.

Kerri Einarson managed to win it, with a 5 – 3 win in a back-and-forth, close game on Sunday. I was very happy for her to win, not so much because I really liked her team, but mostly because the so-called “Super Sub”, Cathy Overton-Clapham, was playing for her opponent — Silvana Tirinzoni — and I never really cared for her. While everyone talks about how nice a person she is, she’s also very competitive, and so I’ve found her to be quite snippy at times … and she played for Jennifer Jones when Jones was beating all the teams I really liked, which didn’t help.

One of the most interesting parts of the tournament, at least for me, was the play of Val Sweeting. She went 4 – 0 in the round robin to take the top seed, and during those games it seemed that she could do no wrong. In one game, she controversially deliberately took a single point when she hadn’t set up the end to do so and could have blanked, in the hopes that she’d get the hammer back for the last end … which she did and managed to win that game. In another against Jennifer Jones, she left Jones arguably the easier shot — a draw — that Jones missed to give Sweeting the win. Unfortunately, all of that ran out in the quarter finals, as it seemed that nothing could go right for her … as she even commented at one point that it was just one of those days.

The next curling action that I know about comes up right after New Year’s, so curling will stop interfering with my schedule until then [grin].


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