Captain Canada (Cup)

So, the Canada Cup was last weekend. This is an event that seemingly has been around for ages but that I have absolutely no recollection of, and am not sure I ever watched. This time, I didn’t watch any of the men’s playoffs, but did catch pretty much all of the women’s.

I was, as anyone who has followed any of my discussions on curling would have guessed, disappointed that Jennifer Jones won the event. She pretty much rode a terrible third end — where Homan gave up a steal of four — to the end, and beat Homan twice — once in the round robin and again in the final — to get the win. Homan hasn’t won the last two tournaments and doesn’t seem to be peaking, at least not yet, heading into the qualifiers for the Scotties and, ultimately, into the Olympic qualifiers — to get an idea of how much Canada loves curling, we call them “The Roar of the Rings” and not just an Olympic qualifier — next year. That being said, supposedly she’s experimenting with her style and taking more tournaments off this year, so she might round into form soon. But this season has been somewhat mediocre of Homan fans, despite her still making the playoffs pretty much all of the time.

What was most interesting to me was a comment made by the commentators in the semi-final between Homan and Kerry Einarson. They commented that both of these teams played more of a men’s game than a women’s game, with the hitting. I hope that this won’t be a trend, because the hitting and bailing out of ends when you get in trouble is the most boring part of the men’s game. And I blame Jennifer Jones for this, too (as she was probably the first of the big hitting women’s skips).


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