Words to Live By …

So, as I mention in about every other post, I’m really, really busy right now. But since my mind never, ever stops thinking unless I’m asleep, I’ve pondered for a bit and come up with a few interesting thoughts, at least as they apply to me:

1) A common phrase is “A change is as good as a rest”, which doesn’t seem to apply to me. For me, the appropriate phrase is “Accomplishment is as good as a rest”. Getting something done that you’ve been struggling to do or needing to do for a long time not only means that you get the surge of satisfaction from getting it done, but also that it goes off your list and you can stop thinking about it. Freeing up my mind to think about and worry about and plan for other things always lightens my burden.

2) The best way to motivate myself to do things is with the phrase “You can’t go do something else until you get this done”. I was raking recently and pushed through it with no breaks with the constant repetition of the statement “The faster you get it done, the faster you can go and do other things.”

Just musings while extremely busy.

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