The Early Returns …

So, I’ve been reading the early reactions to Trump’s win — on both sides — and I’m very reminded of this exchange from Babylon 5, which I think is shockingly apt:

Delenn: “I would suggest that there is a difference between being unreasonable and being angry. Ambassador G’Kar is angry most of the time, but even the greatest anger fades with time.”

Londo: “My dear ambassador Delenn, I’m sure that for you this is true, but for G’Kar and his people; they will do all that they can to destroy us, until the universe itself decays and collapses. If the Narns all stood together in one place and hated, all at the same time, that hatred could fly across dozens of light-years and reduce Centauri Prime to a ball of ash. That’s how much they hate us.”

Sinclair: “You don’t have to respond in kind.”

Londo: “Of course we do. There’s a natural law. Physics tells us that for every action there must be an equal and opposite reaction. They hate us, we hate them, they hate us back. And so, here we are: victims of mathematics.”

Sinclair: “He never listens.”

Delenn: “He will, sooner or later.”

Sinclair: “How can you be sure?”

Delenn: “Because the alternative is too terrible to consider. Without the hope that things will get better, that our inheriters will know a world that is fuller and richer than our own, life is pointless, and evolution is vastly overrated. Good day, Commander.”

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