Trump … wins?

I remarked on at least a couple of occasions that I almost wanted to see Donald Trump win the U.S. election because it would be funny to watch all the heads explode.

There are a lot of heads exploding this morning.

I could make that comment because I am utterly convinced that Donald Trump will neither save nor destroy the United States. There’s just too much inertia in a political system that big for any real change to happen in that short a time. Some of his policies sound like bad ideas, but even with the Republicans taking Congress on a lot of them he’s not going to get support from the Republicans.

The stock markets are falling based on the uncertainty, and things are indeed uncertain. I don’t think anyone really knows what Trump will do as President. Heck, I don’t think Trump knows what Trump will do as President. But, as with Brexit, I think the stocks will quickly return to normal levels. To be honest, these drops almost seem more like political commentary now than like anything even remotely resembling real economic analysis.

I’m interested in seeing the reaction from progressives. When those on the right lose and act out and protest, the left is quick to talk about how terrible they are and how they’d be so much better. Well, this is their chance to prove that. I’m not expecting them to do that, but if they do, then I will gain much respect for their side of the aisle. Heck, if some progressives do act out in negative ways and prominent progressives chide them for it, I’d be impressed.

As I said on Monday, the Democratic Party and progressive side in general ran a more negative campaign than a positive one, and it led to an utter disaster for them … in an election that they absolutely should have won. I hope that they learn from this, and understand that despite their constant crowing about how the Republicans are a dying party, in order for them to survive they, like the Republicans need to start listening to the people again. Otherwise, they will reflect this (altered) Babylon 5 quote:

“They are a dying party. We should let them pass.”

“Who — the Democrats or the Republicans?”


On Clinton herself, I predict that it will soon be revealed that she’s had serious medical issues throughout the entire campaign. In light of that, Obama or Trump will pardon her on the basis that trying to prosecute someone that ill isn’t really in the best interest of Americans, and that she’ll fade from public view fairly quickly.

To sum up my thoughts on this, I think this sort of outcome was what America needed, where someone outside the establishment comes in and has surprising success, hopefully leading the establishment to note that they at least have to appear to appeal to the people to win elections. I wish that the person who had done that was not Donald Trump, or like Donald Trump. I wish it was someone less bombastic and less controversial. However, no one other than Donald Trump could have done this. It had to be someone well-known publicly, someone forceful, someone controversial who could draw media attention just by showing up and saying things, and someone wealthy enough to not be beholden to the party so that they became subsumed under it, maintaining the status quo. In Canada, because we aren’t really a two-party system we could get the same results with a Conservative majority and an NDP minority, which hopefully has woken up the Liberal party into realizing that they can’t just say “We’re the Liberals! Vote for us!” but in the U.S. two-party system the only way an outsider can have an impact is if they take over a party and run the table. Trump, love him or loathe him (which seem to be the only two options), did exactly that.


3 Responses to “Trump … wins?”

  1. natewinchester Says:

    Oh… oh I can show you things from twitter and such…

    Forget everyone else, I’m hoping this destroys the mainstream media. Maybe now they’ll stop and reflect on how often they’ve cried wolf.

    • verbosestoic Says:

      Yeah, I’ve been reading some blog responses that are essentially excommunicating anyone who dared vote for Trump. That being said, it’s early and so I’ll forgive those knee-jerk reactions. I really just want to see what people do over the long haul.

      That being said, I think I’ve seen on multiple posts links to suicide prevention hotlines, which disturbs me. Either they see Trump much differently than I do, or else they’re far too fragile. Either way, that’s not good.

      • natewinchester Says:

        Someone else on another forum put it well:

        “This is the conclusion of building Trump up as Super Hitler 2.0 who will put everyone who is not straight and white into a concentration camp. It is complete and utter hysteria on a national level.”

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