The Grand Slam of Curling is Back!

So, curling is back on TV with the WFG Masters happening over the weekend. As most people know, I tend to follow the women’s game more than the men’s game, and this is a tournament that Rachel Homan’s team tends to dominate, having won it three of the four times women were included in it and making the semi-finals the other time. This time, she made it to the finals, against a fairly new team in Alison Flaxey that had to sneak in through a tie-breaker and had made a habit of beating far more experienced and accomplished teams, often by stealing — she stole 7 points in one game in the playoffs — and often by large margins.

So, given that, the final result was obvious: a 6 – 3 Flaxey win.

One of the more interesting games in the playoffs was the becoming-routine Rachel Homan-Jennifer Jones quarterfinal match. Jones was up 4 – 1 with 3 ends to play. Homan took 2 in the sixth, Jones took 1 in the seventh, and Homan took 2 in the 8th to leave it as a 5 – 5, requiring an extra end. But since Jones would have the hammer in that end, it seemed like it would be a Jones win. However, Homan’s team made eight perfect shots and Jones’ team … didn’t. This allowed Homan to steal two and win the game, allowing them to get to the final.

I enjoyed watching what I could of this tournament, and look forward to the next tournaments and the rest of the season.

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