Convenience …

So, I’ve been pondering lately just how much of my life is arranged around things being convenient for me, even the things that don’t seem to be all that convenient. Convenience is a major driving factor in my life, and a major consideration in pretty much everything I do. The more convenient something is, the more likely I am to do it, which includes what TV shows or DVDs I watch, what games I play, what I eat, how I exercise, and how I do my shopping.

However, sometimes it looks like I’m doing things in a less-than-convenient way because I sometimes have an odd idea of “convenient”. I’ve commented that sometimes it seems like I’m oddly lazy, as I’ll prefer to take an option that costs a little more time each time than to take more up-front time to create an option that then would save that time on each operation. I’m less willing to pay up-front than I am to pay as I do it a lot of the time, unless the as I do it option is considerably less convenient, enough to be annoying. So, for example, I don’t often alias things on my Unix workstations at work because it’s “easier” for me to type out the whole command than open the alias file and add a shorter alias.

Also, the reason why I always park at the local university and walk down to the downtown shopping — an hour walk one way — is because it ironically is actually more convenient than taking the shorter drive there and parking downtown. First, I hate driving downtown, especially when it’s busy. Second, I hate parking there even more. Third, I always need more exercise anyway. And finally, I actually like walking. So I get to drive somewhere that I really know how to drive to, with a convenient parking lot that I, again, know how to get to and will almost always be able to park at (excepting exams), and get a walk out of it which also kills some time which allows me to not have to wait as long for things to open, which allows me to leave earlier as well. So, while it might seem inconvenient to some, it’s actually far more convenient for me.

Obviously, convenience is important to most people. But I wonder if convenience, especially lately, is too much of a concern for me. It’s something to think about, especially since, as noted above, sometimes doing the initially less convenient thing pays off in convenience later. I don’t want to get stuck thinking about the initial convenience and by that making things, at the end of the day, significantly less convenient for myself.


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