Insert Standard “Price is … ” Headline Pun Here

So, late last season, the Toronto Blue Jays traded for David Price. While he was definitely instrumental in their making the playoffs that season, he was pretty much a bust in the playoffs. Still, he was strong enough in the regular season that many Blue Jays fans wanted them to resign him for this season. For whatever reason — likely just that the salary and years he wanted were just too much for the Blue Jays to swallow — they didn’t really pursue him and he ended up signing in Boston. The Blue Jays, instead, resigned Marco Estrada and brought back J.A. Happ, neither of which caused any excitement among Blue Jays fans.

Price jokingly commented that he was saving all of his playoff wins for Boston. Now that the two ALDSs are over, let’s see how he worked out compared to the two pitchers who could be put up as his replacement in Toronto. Actually, given salary commitments, it’s arguable that the two of them replaced him, meaning that we don’t even have to really choose which one is the best comparison. But feel free to do that if you want to.


David Price struggled in his one playoff start, a game that Boston lost 6 – 0. He only pitched for 3 1/3 innings. Even worse, that was Game 2, which meant that after their Game 1 loss Boston was facing elimination in Game 3 and facing having to win all three of the remaining games to win the series, so he not only lost, but lost a critical game.

Marco Estrada was brilliant in Game 1, a 10 – 1 Blue Jays win. He almost pitched a complete game shutout, leaving after 8 1/3 innings. Most importantly, he allowed the Blue Jays to rest Roberto Osuna, who had left the Wild Card game with stretching in his shoulder. Osuna would go on to close out the remaining two games of the series.

Happ, on the other hand, gave up a lot of hits in his 5 innings of work, but only one run. The Blue Jays ended up winning that game 5 – 3, which put them up 2 – 0 heading home, where they closed out the series.

No matter how you compare them, in terms of this playoff run Estrada and Happ clearly outperformed Price. And that’s not even taking the regular season into consideration, where both of them were solid starters for the Blue Jays the entire season. Maybe not signing Price wasn’t such a bad move after all.

Now we can turn our attention to debating Jose Bautisa and Edwin Encarnacion …

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