Busy Work/Gaming

So, recently, I’ve become very, very busy. This was a combination of work becoming really busy and the normal “one-or-twice a year” things that I have to do in September/October, well, obviously, coming due. Normally, I deal with those things by taking vacation around that time, but this year the powers-that-be put a busy time in September and October — as should be obvious from the second sentence of the post — and I’ve already talked about why taking vacation in the busy times really doesn’t work for me. Suffice it to say that with those things coming up and with the work thing, I’m pretty busy right now.

But I still want to do things other than work, like the Hugo analysis and reading (yes, it is still on-going). And one of the things that I really wanted to do was play some games, because after finishing The Old Republic I hadn’t really been playing anything … and even then I was pretty much only playing TOR. So, given that this state is likely to persist for about another month and a half, as per my wont, I made a schedule for it. And discovered that I had a decent block of time weekend afternoons/evenings to play some games. Great! Now all I have to do is choose a game.

The first consideration for me was “Am I going to want to watch TV in those timeblocks?” Because if I didn’t, then PC games work well, and I even have VTMB and KotOR2 games in progress that I could finish, which would be a big plus for me. But if I did, then console/Vita games work better, because while I can play PC games and watch TV that involves me cranking up the volume and mostly ignoring it, so background TV? Good. Semi-interested TV? Bad.

And it turns out that baseball season is ending and the playoffs will run during that time, and I actually like watching the baseball playoffs. And they tend to run at about those times. So it is likely that I’d actually want to watch, and if there’s something on TV that I want to watch I often tend to, well watch that instead of doing what I wanted to do. So that made me lean console. On the other hand, the baseball often ends by the time I’d be starting to play, which might leave me with nothing to watch, which would make me lean PC. However, with the CFL ramping down and the NHL and NFL starting up there’d almost always be some kind of sports on, and in the rare cases where there wasn’t I’m sure I’d be able to find something to have on just for noise so … console/Vita it is.

So, I had been doing a number of things to remind me of the Persona series — watching P4: The Animation, listening to the soundtracks, etc — and so thought that it might be a good idea to replay P4: Golden. Except … I almost finished watching the Anime before revamping my watching habits as part of my rescheduling, and so when playing it I’m really just playing the story that I just watched. Sure, I’ve not only done that before but even enjoyed it before, but right now I’m busy and tired and, well, am just not up for doing that. So I need something else.

I considered playing Dragon Age again … but then I’d want to do the entire series which means that I’d have to struggle with the Dragon Age Keep again and have to deal with Dragon Age: Inquisition again. Yeah, let’s not. So then, maybe Mass Effect? But then I’d have to deal with the stupid resource gathering in ME2 again. Still, I think I could tolerate that more than I could tolerate Dragon Age again.

But what else? Persona 3? The dungeons are grindy and boring, and I only have two 3 hour blocks a week and want to feel like I’m getting somewhere. Conception II? Same problem, only more so. Dungeon Travellers? I think I’d have to start over because I’ve forgotten what secret areas I’ve found. Valhalla Knights? Maybe, but the shopkeeper influence mini-game can be tough on the fingers. Lost Dimension? Replaying it after you’ve seen the entire story isn’t that appealing. Agarest War? That “grinding” issue again. Skyrim? Hmmm … but I’d have to find it first. Oblivion? Maybe. Overlord? Can you play that for three hours and only three hours in a session? LA Noire? Same idea. Saint’s Row? Maybe.

I could always go and play PS2 games, but I moved my PS2 off to make room for the PS4, so that’s a bit problematic, and something that I’d only want to do if I didn’t have anything else to do. Go back to PC games? Maybe. TOR again? I hope not [grin].

Anyway, this post is here mostly because my reasons for rejecting Dragon Age and Mass Effect amuse me, and I needed to write a blog post at some point [grin].


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