The More Time I Have …

… it seems the less I get done.

I noticed this before, when I was working for a product that was going end-of-life and so we deliberately weren’t doing much with it. Not only did I not really take that opportunity to upgrade my work skills, I also found that I didn’t even do as much outside of work as I wanted … especially since even then I was looking to find things to do that might work out to a small, outside-of-work income. In fact, arguably I did less outside of work then than I did when I was insanely busy, which seemed very odd to me.

Recently, after having moved to a second new product (for me) and to one that could have some short deadlines and interesting last minute issues, I’ve been pushing my work schedule a little more, having learned from another product that it’s best to get out front of the problems and get ahead a bit so that you don’t have to panic as much at the end to get everything done. But trying to get ahead sometimes means that you do end up ahead, at which point it doesn’t make much sense to keep trying to get ahead. So, for the past few weekends I haven’t had to work, when normally I aim to work one morning if I have things to get ahead on, and recently having worked two mornings out of the three days of a long weekend. You’d think that having some extra time I’d get some more things done … but if you’ve been paying attention to this post, you’ll know that that didn’t happen. Not only did I not get more things done, the things that I’d normally get done or at least push to get done … didn’t get done either.

(Which clearly has no relation to the fact that this post is a quick post talking about how I’m not even getting the things I normally get done done [grin]).

Part of the issue is that when I have more time, I always feel that I don’t have to push or rush. I can poke around with other things and don’t have to follow the schedule as precisely, because I have lots of time. One of the things that I’m ahead on is playing The Old Republic and trying to finish off the Imperial Agent story, which is the last story that I have yet to finish. But while I budget 3 hours per planet, it usually ends up taking me something more like 4 – 5, which really cuts into the time I have to do other things. Even if I start by 6 am, that means that it’s about 11 am by the time I finish, and at that point the day is half-over for me. I can also spend more time playing around with other things that are marginally useful, but not all that productive. And if I want to stop and watch another episode of Star Trek or another beach volleyball match at the Olympics, I don’t feel the pressure to get moving like I would if I was coming home at noon which my list of things to do.

Of course, another part of it seems to be that when I’m relaxing, I get too relaxed, and so get bored and have a hard time motivating myself to do things other than mindless entertainment. That was the big factor when I was working on the old product, with the fact that I felt I had lots of time contributing to it. Here, that seems to be reversed, with the “lots of time” encouraging me to put more things into the schedule — like TOR — while the boredom sometimes pushes me to do more fun things and less productive things. Also, the Olympics being on hasn’t really helped.

Anyway, this is just an oddity about me that it was worth musing on when I needed a blog post that I could write in about a half-hour …

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