Inspired by Doctor Who …

So, I’ve started watching Doctor Who again, hoping to get through all 8 seasons (that I have access to). I had started Season 8 at one point, but then dropped it, but I do really want to watch it because I really like Clara Oswald. I think she’s my favourite companion so far. I don’t have a strong opinion yet on Capaldi as The Doctor other than I think he’s better than Matt Smith was but not as good as Tennant or especially Eccleston was (who’s my favourite out of all the Doctors).

At any rate, I recently watched the episode where the Doctor and Martha Jones — one of my favourite companions, too — meet Shakespeare, and I remembered that there were a lot of Shakespearean plays that I had never read or watched. So I decided to browse around and see if I could get a complete collection for a price that was reasonable for me. And I did. I also managed to find a complete collection of Lovecraft’s work — since it was recommended as something that people who bought the Shakespeare collection also bought — and since I spend a lot of time playing the “Arkham Horror” board game that’s inspired by Lovecraft, for a reasonable price, which I also bought.

So, right now I’m finishing off a run at some of my old books, and then after that I have a couple of Star Wars books — “Tarkin” and “A New Dawn” — to read, and after that I’ll be free to turn to the Lovecraft and Shakespeare. I think I’ll start with the Lovecraft first since it’ll probably be more manageable to try reading in my spare time. I’m also a little nervous about the Shakespeare because while my ability to understand the old English in which it’s written is pretty good, I know from my experiences when reading them for classes that sometimes I struggled a bit with it. But that was when I was paying attention, and here this is mostly going to be in the spare time I have to read. So I might not be willing to put the effort in, but that might hurt my enjoyment of it … especially if I read it while something is on the TV, as I tend to do. So we’ll have to see how it goes.


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