It Got Worse …

So, as I talked about in this post, I’ve been having some issues with how Marvel handles subscriptions, and how it handles its books in general. When I last commented, I had SHIELD, Darth Vader, Deadpool’s Secret Secret Wars, Inferno, and Uncanny X-Men in my list. Deadpool’s Secret Secret Wars moved to Deadpool, SHIELD moved to Agents of SHIELD, I moved Inferno, I think, to Black Knight, and moved Uncanny X-Men to Extraordinary X-Men. And out of those, I like Deadpool, loved Darth Vader, was fond of Agents of SHIELD, tolerated Black Knight, and was underwhelmed by Extraordinary X-Men. Black Knight ended, and so I switched it to X-Men ’92 (I have no idea how I’ll feel about that series, since I haven’t read an issue of it yet). I don’t see myself re-upping with Extraordinary X-Men. Agents of SHIELD has moved to “tolerable” from “liked”, as I pretty much only like Coulson and find that they underuse characters like Melinda May, but I still like it better than the TV series, which I’ve stopped watching. I still like Deadpool and still love Darth Vader.

Except … Darth Vader is ending after only a few more issues, and I don’t know yet what they — or I — will replace it with.

So, out of my subscriptions, there’s one that I like and won’t change, one that’s ending and so will have to be changed, one that’s okay for now, one that I haven’t read yet (ie I just changed it) and one that I probably have to do something about at some point. So, Marvel not only keeps changing things directly on me, but also changes their other titles so much that there are new series that might be interesting to me if, well, they would only stick around long enough, and would fit into my list of subscriptions. And all the changes are forcing me to read them as soon as they arrive, which is less than ideal for me.

I’d start trying to replace these with buying graphic novels — the “Darth Vader” series would have worked better as a graphic novel if I’d known, and I just bought and read “Deadpool: The Complete Collection Vol 1”, which I loved — but when buying them I always choke on how expensive they are given what you get from them … although, compared to subscription rates, maybe it isn’t as bad as it looks.

Alternatively, I could stop buying and reading comics altogether. I don’t think that’s what Marvel had in mind when they came out with … whatever strategy it is they’re using.

Anyway, I’m boxed in by that strategy and it’s causing me more annoyance than I’d like. I’ll have to see how I go on in the future.

Just don’t get me started on the crossovers …


5 Responses to “It Got Worse …”

  1. natewinchester Says:

    yeah, comic distribution has been so bad lately I’ve increasingly been going to graphic novels. Ironically I’ve found the “not-big 2” publishers to be the most consistent in quality and distribution. i.e. I got all of the latest Samurai Jack comic without a problem.

    I kind of half want to set up a comic library, because there’s a lot of things I kind of want to read, but don’t care about owning (especially given space).

    • verbosestoic Says:

      Yeah, the issue with graphic novels is the cost of them for what you get. For the price of a graphic novel, I can often get two or three regular novels — although that’s getting harder to do as well — which will take me a lot longer to read. The pictures aren’t really worth the extra cost. However, I did recently get some Deadpool graphic novels that I definitely enjoyed.

      • natewinchester Says:

        Unless it’s a TPB I’m desperate for, I’ve become a bit of a bargain hunter and tried to find them when they’re on super sale (like $5 or so).

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