NHL Playoff Predictions: Stanley Cup Finals

So, needing only one correct prediction in the third round to guarantee myself going at least 8 – 7 for the year … I completely flub it, getting both series wrong, leaving me at a dead even 7 – 7. Well, both of those series were essentially coin flips, and the last series is even worse. Which, really, is what you want in the Stanley Cup playoffs, especially if you have the coin flip because both of the teams are really good and are playing really well.

Stanley Cup Finals

Pittsburgh vs San Jose: Both teams are strong but have weaknesses that neither team has been able to exploit. Both teams are led by veterans who are motivated to win, although San Jose’s veterans have more motivation while Pittsburgh’s have more experience. Both have suffered from adversity and have just kept on going. It’s a tough call, and I’m still not sure that this is right … but I think I’ll take Pittsburgh. The teams with home ice have a slight advantage this year, and Pittsburgh has home ice advantage in this series, and they’ve been here before, while San Jose doesn’t have as many players who’ve won it all before. This ought to be a close series, and most people say that the West is a lot stronger than the East, but I think this time the East will take it.

Prediction: Pittsburgh.


Stanley Cup Finals

Pittsburgh vs San Jose Correct

Overall Record: 8 – 7
Home Ice Advantage Team Record: 9 – 6


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