My favourite soundtracks …

So, after mentioning on a few occasions that soundtracks are my life, today I’d like to list a few of my favourites.

While I’ve listened to game soundtracks since high school — a friend of mine actually taped a number of them and gave me a copy, which was reasonable since some of the ones he taped were, well, from my games [grin] — what rekindled my love for soundtracks was probably Suikoden III, although that was mostly only due to the very effective intro. I never did manage to get an actual CD for the soundtrack of this game

One of the first — if not the first — actual full CDs that I got was for Persona 3, and by Persona 4 I was pre-ordering games just to get the soundtracks.

Silent Hill Shattered Memories is one of the first games that I bought mostly to get the soundtrack, and that I’ve never really played (although it does sound like an interesting game). Mostly, though, the title track and the creepy version of “You Were Always On My Mind” are what keeps me listening to the soundtrack (while continuing to ignore the game).

Of the more recent games (kinda, I guess), I’ve just recently discovered and listened to the Mass Effect soundtrack, inspired by a time when listening to soundtracks on youtube was my best bet and by a Twitter comment by Shamus Young praising the soundtrack. I’m not as impressed with the soundtracks of the other two games, though.

The same can pretty much be said for the Dragon Age soundtrack, although it’s a completely different style than Mass Effect, which should be kinda obvious.

And finally, I should make some mention of Conception II, if for no other reason than the fact that I’ve played the game and listened to the soundtrack … and would much rather listen to the soundtrack, which is the only thing that makes getting the collector’s version worth it.

3 Responses to “My favourite soundtracks …”

  1. malcolmthecynic Says:

    The very best.

  2. “Best” Soundtracks? | The Verbose Stoic Says:

    […] on my recent post on my favourite soundtracks, Malcolm the Cynic left a comment linking to the “To the Moon” soundtrack, calling it […]

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