Curling with the boys …

So Rachel Homan is going to compete in the men’s Elite 10 curling event.

Unlike, say, Michelle Wie, Homan has actually been dominant in women’s curling … well, this year, at least. Although she just was beaten by Jenn Hanna — who, long ago, was the one who got me interested in women’s curling — in the final of the Scotties qualifiers for Ontario (which might be related to this move). That being said, I don’t see any reason why she’d be able to even hold her own against the men’s rinks (although she does play in the Mixed Doubles curling, so has at least played against men sorta kinda). If you watch the video in the link, when asked how she’ll do even Mike Harris is at best dubious about her ability to keep up. He talks about how good she is at hits … but, again, the men have the up-weight, as he comments.

It would be bad for her and for women’s curling — which is surging a bit — if she gets blasted. But the Elite 10 is a Match Play tournament, which means that the total score doesn’t matter; it only matters if you take the end, either by scoring 2 points or by stealing. So I think it would be worse if the total score would be her getting hammered (no pun intended) but she stays competitive or even wins games because she happens to squeak out some close ends, because it would show that she can’t compete with the men, except in this odd format that happens to artificially allow her to stay in matches that, if this had been a regular curling tournament, would have ended in handshakes long before.

The Elite 10 was a tournament that I would likely have skipped, being an exclusive men’s tournament. With this, I might tune in for parts of it, just to see what happens.


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