A Not-So Shift in Priorities …

So, a little while ago I started trying to add in some things that are aimed at potentially producing a little bit of income in the far future (mostly writing) or updating my technical skills since I worked on older products for a long time (mostly programming). I didn’t manage to do any writing at all, but I did manage to do some programming, and was hoping to start more writing in the New Year.

And then I changed groups. Again.

The product I’m working on now is much more cutting edge than the one I’d been working on for the previous 18 years or so, so that makes updating my skills outside of work hours less pressing. It’s also a busier product, and so I’m expecting that to leave me much less free time than I had before. So, given that, how important is doing all of this stuff now? What should I focus on? I still want to do those things, but what are the most important things to me right now?

Well, I’ve decided to focus on … the blog. Now, before any of you get your hopes up that I might return to a daily posting schedule … well, that’s not going to happen. See, with the anticipated increase in my work work-load, I pretty much figured that I’d have the time left over — after doing my basic household chores and finding some time to play games and read books — to do one of keep updating the blog on my existing schedule or set time aside to do some writing and maybe some programming. So I’ve chosen the former.

So, if you were looking forward to “Inheritance of the Old Republic”, it’s probably not going to happen any time soon. I might try to add some simpler fanfic or Let’s Plays things as part of my blog updates, but I’m not going to promise anything.

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