Frozen Ghost

Well, let me return to talking a little bit about music again, as I was just reminded of the band Frozen Ghost, a Canadian band that put out three albums, of which I have one. But it’s a really good one, being an album that I can pretty much listen to all the way through without finding a song that I don’t like. But some of them stand out.

The first song of theirs I ever heard — and the only one I had heard before buying the “Frozen Ghost” CD — was Should I See, which was popular when I was younger and a song that I had really liked. It was my memories of this song that made me buy the CD — used — in the first place.

However, it’s not the best song on the CD. Promises is my favourite song on the entire CD, as it’s a very powerful song, although it can be a bit depressing. The end question and answer part, though, is brilliant and moving.

I also prefer Love Without Lies, which is a great romantic song, in my opinion. I find the person described in the song fairly appealing, less for the purported childish aspects, but more for the simple honesty of her.

Ultimately, though, pretty much any song on that CD is good, although it’s at this point that it would be hard for me to choose between them and Should I See. The band did three CDs and then broke up. I might have to look at some of the other CDs sometime, if I get a chance.


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