Final Thoughts on Akiba’s Trip

So, I recently finished the game again, getting Shizuku’s ending. It turns out that once you can turn on the option to see which options increase trust with each member, there are only a small number of decisions you can make in order to get each character’s trust, and that since some of them are mutually exclusive you can’t get all of them in one go. Maybe. Who can say?

The game is short, at least in terms of story and side missions, and so it makes it relatively easy to replay to get different endings, and as I said earlier the characters are all interesting, and so it makes it that you might want to actually do that. That being said, I think I have too many games to play and too many things on the go right now to dedicate to that.

Overall, on easy, the combat could often be frustrating due to it not being clear when you had to hit things and when things were hitting you, but in general it was easy enough that I could get through even the toughest missions with only minimal replays (the second one with the idols was typically the one that messed me up). The combat is constant, but mostly unobtrusive; it generally turns out to be a short thing that you have to do before you can get back to the story parts and side missions. So, unlike some other games, the combat isn’t something that I feel the need to avoid or skip; it just happens and then goes away, so you don’t have to focus on it. I’d probably do even better at it if I, well, actually learned how to dodge and block [grin].

I really liked how on replays the game opens up the choices and lets you build a custom avatar. Sure, that doesn’t show up in the “cutscenes” where they show your character, but it lets you build a personalized personality that can guide you through the game, which is what I did. The options are pretty detailed, although I wish it was easier to customize your look without having to worry so much about the qualities of the clothes you’re wearing. I assume that the sister modification portion was supposed to allow for that, but I could never really get the hang of that and with a game like this couldn’t be bothered to spend the time to figure it out.

Ultimately, at the end of the day, this is a fun, light game that’s pretty enjoyable. The story is relatively entertaining but doesn’t take itself all that seriously, but lends itself to taking on a more serious aspect in your responses while not breaking the utter ludicrousness of the game itself, something that Shizuku herself absolutely epitomizes. As I said previously, I wanted more, and there may be more to it (there are supposed to be a ton of minigames that I never found), but what I got was fun and made this game be worth my getting. Of the JRPG games that I’ve played recently, so far this is probably the best. It can’t compare to the Personas, but it definitely gives Lost Dimension a run for its money.


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