Akiba’s Trip: Thoughts After Completing it Once

So I managed to finish “Akiba’s Trip” once, while having absolutely no trust or influence gained with any of the characters. This, surprisingly, still left me with a relatively satisfying ending, as if the influence is even you get the non-true ending with Tohko, which works, in my opinion, very well as an ending.

What surprised me about the game was that how my appreciation for the characters grew as the game went along and you got to know them better. I started out liking Shizuku a lot, but her personality didn’t fit with my massively goofy character. I also found Shion interesting, although I didn’t get to interact with her character much and so didn’t learn much about her. But Tohko really grew on me as a character, and at the end of the game I found myself liking all of them as potential options, although I suspect that I won’t replay the game enough to get all of the endings myself, even though the game is relatively short.

Ultimately, my comment on this game is exactly like my comment on “Lost Dimension” … I want more. I want more ability to influence and interact with the characters and to build relationships with them with more than just selecting a conversation option (or maybe patrolling with them). I want more of a story, and more and more diverse missions. It’s a good starting point, but it just doesn’t have the depth required to be a classic, in my opinion. But it was certainly worth playing.


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