Akiba’s Trip: First Impressions

Yes, I’m still doing my “cup of coffee” in a number of games, although I do intend to get back to them shortly. I’ve decided to try out “Akiba’s Trip”, a game that is somewhat controversial because of its main gameplay mechanism, where you engage in combat with vampire-like Sythesizers and strip them down to expose them to the sun, so that they fade away. You, uh, also do that to enemies that are not Synthesizers, which has them run away in embarrassment. So, essentially, it’s a game where you strip people to gain XP.

Now, the main criticism has been that it’s really a game so that you can strip women and see them naked/in their underwear, which is not true, because you strip male characters as much as you strip female characters. Also, it turns out that the combat is essentially, well, exactly like the sort of combat you get in games: there to give you XP and money and resources and something to challenge you, but that’s about it. Doing the missions and building the relationships with the women that you can partner with is much more important, as it impacts the endings.

The game itself, overall, is delightfully goofy. From the start, you can taunt the main villain by demanding that he provide the figurines that he promised you (doing this too much there leads to a Game Over) and this gets referenced later in the story. I also had a lot of trouble deciding between two options early in the game, when you find out that the sun can kill you: 1) I’m already anti-social. This doesn’t bode well or 2) So I won’t be able to photosynthesize anymore (not direct quotes). You can give these sorts of general comments, or be serious, or even be a bit rude (in terms of making typically teenage sexual remarks), and even though it doesn’t seem to do much, supposedly it impacts your relations with your partners and with other people. This, and the fact that you can change your model after beating the game, should add some decent replay value.

I always play games like this on the lowest difficulty level, and so am playing on “Easy”, which makes the game relatively easy (duh). I’m looking forward to getting more clothing options for myself and maybe even for my partners, so we’ll see how that goes.

So far, the goofiness of the game is really appealing to me, and if the monotony of the missions doesn’t drive me away, I expect to finish and replay this game.


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