What’s Missing

So, as I’ve said before, I like to use schedules to ensure that I at least consider everything that I need to do, and organize it into times when things are convenient for each thing I need to do. Now, one of the main things that always messed my schedules up was, in fact, eating; I had a tendency to, well, leave it out of the schedule. I didn’t help that I tend to like to eat one really big meal a day when I’m home, which often meant that I didn’t want to do anything immediately thereafter, and that it often made me sleepy which meant that I would lose motivation to do other things as well. At one point, I tend to watch a disk of a DVD while and after eating, which actually ate up a lot of time. No pun intended.

So I’ve had to redo my schedules lately, in part because of changes at work and in part because Christmas is coming up and I’ll be off for a while, and the problem with eating has mostly gone away, for two reasons. First, I’ve actually started adding it explicitly to the schedule. Second, I’ve gotten better at being able to do things right after eating. Third, I’ve scheduled things that are easy to do after eating — like playing games — and so it isn’t as much of a problem. So, great, problem solved, it’s all good, right?

Well, I was planning out my vacation and thinking about my schedule and started thinking about DVDs and TV shows to watch, noting that there were a few that I wanted to watch, like Doctor Who, and wondering when it would work to do that … and noticing that I actually didn’t have any time any more to actually watch TV. Which wouldn’t be a problem really except that I just got cable back not too terribly long ago. If I don’t watch TV at all, what was the point?

It actually isn’t as bad as all that, because there are still times when I’ll want to have the TV on mostly for noise, and the sports being available still helps. Still, I’m not sure when I’ll be able to get around to watching the shows that I actually want to watch, because I don’t really want to do it in the evenings right before I go to sleep for one really important reason: I tend to fall asleep while watching TV at those times. So a show that I don’t really care about watching works well, like Transformers, but a show that I actually want to pay some attention to — like Doctor Who — doesn’t.

Ah, well. If the worst problem I have with my schedule is finding enough time to get enough TV in, I think I’m doing pretty well [grin].

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