Thoughts on Persona 4: Dancing All Night

Okay, I buy pretty much anything Persona related. The only game that I didn’t buy was Persona Q: Shadow of the Labyrinth, and that’s only because I didn’t really want to get a DS when I had a Vita and a PSP that I wasn’t really using. But I did get both of the Persona 4 Arena games, which allowed the team to tell their normal wonderful stories with gameplay that you wouldn’t associate with the Persona games. And, for me, it worked relatively well.

So Dancing All Night is similar, wrapping their story around a dance/rhythm game. I’ve never played rhythm games before, but the Disco Fever edition came with two soundtrack CDs, and as you all know I couldn’t resist it given that. I’ve now finished the story mode, and for the most part I enjoyed the game. The mechanics were relatively easy for me to handle on Easy, although I found that I focused way too much on the specific notes that I had to hit next and so didn’t even see some of the other notes or the “Fever” circles that you need to enter “Fever” mode. I also focused on them so much that I never, in fact, really saw the dances, although sometimes I went back and watched them after on the replay … but even then I tended to look at the “notes” rather than the action, but I think that’s just the way I am. As an introduction to the rhythm genre, it worked pretty well.

The story isn’t up to the standards of the first Arena game, but it’s pretty good. I figured out who the main villain was right from the beginning, and figured out the twist right before they revealed it. There’s what seems to be a throwaway scene near the beginning that takes on more meaning later and was what clinched the reveal for me, which was interesting. I definitely don’t regret working through the story. And while the dancing part is a bit contrived, it fits well with the actual story, so you don’t really notice.

Overall, the game was worth getting. The soundtracks are interesting, the story is interesting, and the gameplay is fund. If you like Persona or like dancing/rhythm games, it’s worth picking up.


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