Lost Dimension: Thoughts on Replaying

So, I’ve finished Lost Dimension twice … and still haven’t gotten to the True Ending (Nagi, one of the three characters that I didn’t max out the first time, was again erased before I could max her out. I managed to get everyone else).

The good thing about the game is that replaying it is relatively easy. Once you know the strategies, clearing the missions isn’t that hard as long as you are an appropriate level. You start with a massive amount of skill points, and so have a number of abilities from the start. Using some of them is difficult early in the game because you don’t have the gift points to actually use them, but a lot of the passives still work and are still useful (Sho’s “Premonition” and “Combat Reflexes”, for example, still save him a significant amount of the time). Also, since the traitors are randomized, you still have reason to run missions to figure out who are the traitors, so the deduction part still works. The only thing that gets old are the comments in-between missions, but those can be easily skipped and ignored if you’ve seen it already.

So, for a game that pretty much forces you to replay it to understand it, the game at least makes it relatively painless to do so. The game itself is relatively short, you only get better on replays, there were at least a few new missions on the second replay, and the core innovative element in the game works just as well on replays as it does on plays. Overall, the game still shows promise. I’d love to see the game series continue, with some iterations to make the gameplay overall better, with deeper companion relations and more missions and gameplay.


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