I never thought this would happen to me …

… but I just rejected watching a half-hour show — an anime — because it automatically played the episodes in order.

Now, this might not seem all that dramatic to anyone; perhaps a little strange, but not really a big deal. But when it came to the TV series Alf I rejected watching it again because it didn’t do a “Play All”. Here, the show did that automatically for you and I’m not going to watch it. What gives? Am I just never satisfied?

Well, the thing is that I still do usually prefer “Play All” options, especially for half-hour shows. The only time that not having that works is for shows that I, in fact, want to just sit down and watch, like I did recently for “Ned’s Newt” and “X-Men Evolution”, which I watched in the evenings while I was ramping down to go to sleep. Normally, however, I don’t just watch TV. Instead, I typically read or play games or write posts while watching TV, and only certain shows and at certain times do I actually just watch the shows. As I said in the post on “Alf”, having to stop that stuff and select the next episode every 20 minutes can be a bit annoying.

Now, it’s summer here, and it’s been relatively hot over the past few weeks. And it’s gotten dark enough early enough lately that in order to read — my favourite thing to do while watching TV — I’d have to have my big light on in the living room. But whether it does give off heat or whether I just feel that it does, I don’t like having it on in the summer in the evenings, even with air conditioning. So in general what I did was watch something that I could just watch and enjoy. “The World at War” was something that I ran pretty well every year, and this year I ran “Sledge Hammer!” and “Black Adder” after that, which all worked pretty well.

After I finished them, I decided to try “Babylon 5”, it being a show that I’d definitely be able to just watch without doing anything else. But the problem with that is that my evening time is going to have to be pretty flexible, as depending on what I’m doing I might have anywhere from a half-hour to two hours to time to sit and watch TV. A 45 minute show just isn’t flexible enough for that, as I found out when I tried to cut the lawn after work last week and had to wait for fifteen minutes or so before watching just to have it so that one episode ended reasonably close to when I wanted to stop for the night.

Hence, the anime, a series that I had seen some episodes of before, liked, bought, and then never watched. And then when it ended it jumped to the next episode, which doesn’t really work; I want to be able to select the ones I want to watch, and don’t want to have to worry about it running ahead if I fall asleep while watching. Selection is actually important here because I want to be able to skip episodes that I don’t want to watch, since I’ll actually have to watch them.

So, that leaves that out. And why don’t I watch “Alf”? Because I don’t think that I’d want to just watch those episodes, which is the same issue I have with “Hogan’s Heroes”, for example.

I’ll figure something out, of course. I just find it odd that I who is generally so insistent on getting and using the “Play All” option am now turning up my nose at watching something because it uses the most convenient “Play All” option possible [grin].

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