The List – Year 4 (and updated)

So, this year I’ve decided to change up my list of games to finish, by removing all of the games that I’ve decided that I just am not going to finish. Or, rather, I went through the list and removed any game that I didn’t think that I wanted to put a push on finishing. It’s still the case that if I finish a game I’ll add it to the list — like I did with Sam & Max — but this list will track the ones that I’m thinking about playing and that when I’m deciding what to play if I want to put a game on the list out of the games I want to finish, then that’s a game that I’d want to put there.

Of course, this messes with the percentages. After adding Sam & Max, my totals were 14 games finished out of 56, for a 25% percentage, which is a big boost from last year. Now, dropping games off the list would greatly improve the percentage, but that felt like cheating. So I kept the total games there which included any I dropped so that I and you can compare it year over year, but I’ve also updated the number of finish to only count the ones that, well, I’m trying to finish. After that update and adding a couple of new ones to the list, the percentage of games finished to the total only counting games finished and that I’m actively trying to finish is 33%, not as big as I’d thought, but still a substantial boost.

Going forward, I’ll keep counting both, and we’ll see if games added to the list overtake the games I actually finish, which hasn’t been the case for the past year or two.


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