More thoughts on the new posting schedule …

So, it’s now coming up on four months since I started the new posting schedule, and, well, things haven’t changed all that much. The big thing I noticed is that the new posting schedule definitely favours the short, easy posts like the “Philosophy in Pop Culture” series, as opposed to the longer, more detailed posts like criticism of Sarkeesian or continuing with Philipse. That being said, that’s not really the fault of the schedule, but more the fault of my work and life schedule at the moment. The posting schedule tells me when I need to have posts for, and it isn’t a particularly difficult schedule to maintain, so if I’m busy doing other things or even feeling lazy it’s easy for me to think “Let me bang out something short to get me to Friday and see what I can do next week”. This weekend is a prime example of that: I had planned to do Sarkeesian and/or Philipse, but as the day wore on and more and more things needed doing, it was just easier for me to bang out something short than to do that.

However, my posting has been pretty regular, which I’m quite pleased with. I’m sure that if I’d tried to stick to the daily posts, I’d have had to quit long before now. And regular posting is good for me and, I believe, good for the readers as well.

So, I hope this will continue for a while yet, especially as the initial spring obligations settle down over the next month or so.

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