Why So Much “Pop”?

So, with this week having two “Philosophy in Popular Culture” posts, it seems like a good time to talk about those posts again. In particular, you may have noticed that they’ve been coming up a lot more regularly than they used to, when I’d go for months without making one but now one is showing up sometimes once a week, or every couple of weeks, or even two in a week or even, shockingly, two in a row. Of any series of posts that I’ve ever talked about doing, they’ve suddenly become by far the most popular, and the most popular tag of mine — oh, sweet tag o’ mine — in recent weeks. Why is that?

Well, you might think that it’s because I’ve put a big push on doing them, and am making it a priority to do them. That isn’t quite true. Sure, it is a goal of mine to get through them, but it isn’t overall as important to me as other things are, things that don’t show up as often (like Sophisticated Theology or commenting on Sarkeesian). So no, it’s not really that; I like doing them and feel good about getting them out, but am not really focusing on, in fact, getting them out. They’re just naturally falling into place in a way that other posts aren’t.

The main reason for this is the blog posting schedule and my general work schedule and my schedule for life in general. I’m in a relatively busy time of my life now for various reasons, which is why I went to the Mon-Wed-Fri posting schedule. As I’ve commented before, the new schedule takes the pressure off of me in a way that lets me, unfortunately, procrastinate a bit more on my posts, since I don’t need to have as many out in a week as I used to when I was posting daily. So, not only is it the case that if I have posts for Monday and Wednesday on the weekend I don’t feel the need to write more posts, I also note that if I can get posts for Monday and Wednesday on the weekend then I’m set and can stop thinking about it. So when I’m busy or into a game or something, I look for quick posts just to get far enough ahead to not have to worry about my posts for the week. And the Philosophy in Popular Culture series is perfect for this for a few reasons:

1) They require limited prep time; I can read one of those essays in about a half-hour.

2) They can easily be prepped in advance; after reading it once only a quick skimming is required to remember what they said and what I wanted to say about them.

3) They’re easy to write; I don’t have to worry too much about quotes, and the posts tend to be relatively short. I can write one of those posts in a half-hour to an hour easily.

4) In spite of how easy they are to write, they aren’t fluff pieces. They talk about interesting philosophical ideas and aren’t just comments on cats or dogs or just a link to someone else’s funny post. Sometimes the ideas can be repetitive, but they are philosophical examinations and even the repetitive cases tend to be different examples for things that I like to talk about.

Thus, they fit incredibly neatly into my schedule. I never have to worry about breaking one of those into parts or writing about it in stops and starts because it’ll take too long, and they’re something that I want to write and that I think say interesting things. So, because of that, they’re likely to have a good long run for a while. So if you like them, you’ll be happy. If not … I’ll try to do some other posts, too.



One Response to “Why So Much “Pop”?”

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