Mass Completion …

So, I did, in fact, manage to finish Mass Effect 2, this past Friday. I didn’t manage to get the romance with Chambers, probably because I had the romance with Liara from Mass Effect and never ended that one. But that wasn’t that important to me anyway, so I didn’t mind it.

The final battle, on Casual, wasn’t as difficult as I thought it would be. I had a harder time with the last loyalty missions and the IFF mission, mostly because my teammates weren’t all that great at covering me and I had issues with some of the enemies. In fact, I had a harder time with the lead-up missions than with the final battle, even though the final battle took me a long time because I was never sure how to target the final boss and so ended up taking some damage from it before hiding to recharge and then having it run away/fall down for a while. Finally I managed to hit it enough with the Collector gun to take it out.

I continued after the end, but couldn’t even really muster the effort to talk to my crew members. I certainly had no desire to keep exploring the galaxy, considering how boring that process generally was. I might have aimed to get the level 30 trophy, but again I was just too bored with the exploration part of the game to bother. This is in sharp contrast to the first game where I found the planet exploration to be more interesting than most of the missions. It’s a crime how badly they screwed that up in ME2.

Some of Thane’s personal stories were interesting, but for the most part I still liked Mordin and Miranda the best. I wish that Miranda would have talked more, since there were more aspects of her personality that I wanted to find out about. Overall, the other characters were somewhat interesting but not enough to keep pushing them after beating the game.

I don’t regret playing and beating this game, but I did like Mass Effect a lot better.

Mass Effect 3 will take its place in the rotation, which was an obvious choice. I’m also almost at the end of Dragon Age: Origins, and so it might be a bit more of a challenge to find a replacement for it once I finish it.


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