Thoughts on the new posting schedule …

Well, it’s now coming up on two months since I changed to the new schedule, and I’ve noticed some interesting things about it.

First, it is a lot easier to manage, in general, than the daily schedule. I no longer have to dedicate so much time to ensuring that I had a post and had something to say and obsess over making sure that I had a post ready for the next day or so, or worrying that if I got busy one evening that I wouldn’t be able to get a post in and so would break the streak. Given that my work schedule has changed a bit and so I have less time available to write blog posts –specifically, that I actually had work to do and so couldn’t write them at work as easily anymore — this has been very nice. It’s much easier to keep up with the blog with the new posting schedule.

Unfortunately, the relieving of the pressure has also come with a downside: it’s too easy for me to let blog posts slide. I still have a number of things that I want to write about, but on a weekend if I notice that I have posts for Monday and Wednesday, it’s very easy for me to say that I won’t write another post and instead write something up for Friday, because it’ll still fill the week out. And then find myself on Wednesday or Thursday trying to find something to write about to fill in the last day … and then starting the whole cycle over again the next week.

I had expected or hoped to have a large lead time on blog posts. I think the furthest ahead I’ve been so far is having posts for Monday and Wednesday the previous Friday. It’s much harder to dedicate myself to writing posts out and getting ahead when I only have to have posts for three days. This also means that some topical posts get dropped as they become more and more outdated, or as the posts on the sites that I want to comment on slide further and further down into those sites’ archives.

My hits have slipped a bit, but they’ve mostly aligned with the number of visitors, which is about the best I could hope for.

So, this is indeed the schedule that I need to have in order to maintain my sanity given work demands. I just have to fit writing posts better into my overall schedule. That being said, I’m still adjusting to my new schedule, so that can be said for pretty much everything (for example, it seems unlikely that I’ll get any play of Sims: Medieval in this week, and only Sam & Max has managed to do well in my evening schedule. I still haven’t decided how to deal with modding PBF board games). So things might adjust once I get used to this. We’ll have to see.

Anyway, just some random thoughts on this new posting schedule.


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