Short update on my first month of playing games …

So, I’ve gotten through my first month where I’ve reworked my schedule to fit game playing in. What I’m supposed to be doing is:

Weekday evenings: Board game, Sam & Max, Sims: Medieval, Star Wars: Empire at War
Weekends: Conception II, Dragon Age: Origins, Mass Effect 2, Planescape: Torment.

Now, with it being winter there often tends to be things that interfere with my playing in the evening, so I haven’t played any game for the full four days that I count as “weekdays”. This led me to conclude that playing a board game in the evenings was not going to work, because in order to feel confident that I could finish the game I have to play all four days, and almost immediately we had snow or something that I wasn’t able to. So I’m thinking of moving that to weekends in place of Torment, and moving Torment to weekdays.

Torment, however, is the game that had the worst luck out of all of the games, and was the only video game that I didn’t play. On the weekend, it ran up against a couple of hockey games that I really wanted to watch, and so didn’t get played. I then moved it to the board games’ spot on weekdays … and then had both weather and work pressures push it out. We’ll have to see how it does the next week.

Out of the rest, I played all of them at least once, and generally enjoyed them all. Sam & Max was the most fun: I blasted through the first episode in one long, two-hour session and then played another night for a good hour. But the others were fun as well, and so far none of them have grabbed me so much that I regret not playing them the next week. So this is kinda working.

I’ve also managed to get in a surprisingly large amount of The Old Republic in over the past few weeks. That’s not that likely to continue once spring comes and I start doing more things early in the morning on weekends, which is when I generally play.

But I’m playing video games again, which is pretty good.


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