What I Don’t Like About Winter …

My two favourite seasons are fall and spring, in that order. But if I had to choose between winter and summer, in general I’d choose winter. I can handle the cold a lot better than I can handle the heat, generally. I don’t have to worry about sleeping at all in the winter, while sometimes even with air conditioning I can have trouble sleeping in the summer. I’m even potentially more likely to go for walks in winter, although it often gets too cold to do that. But at least in the winter if I did go for a walk at lunch I wouldn’t have to worry that I’d be too sweaty for my co-workers to tolerate.

But there’s one thing that really annoys me about winter, and winter weather, and that is that if you want to drive anywhere — and potentially in general — you have to worry more about the weather and plan around it than you do in the summer. If you get snow or freezing rain, you might not be able to get out anywhere until the weather changes. Even the cold means that you have to, in my case, plug in your block heater, make sure it’s working, and make sure that you warm things up enough to go anywhere. Sometimes, if it’s really cold, it’s a good idea to start your car at lunch to warm it up a bit so that it starts better when you leave, especially if you might be leaving late. There’s a lot to think about and watch, and you have to make sure that you are okay if you get a sudden change in the weather and can’t or don’t want to get out. And if it does snow, even once you get home you still have to figure out when you’re going to shovel it, and if you got enough to bother.

This just doesn’t happen in the summer. Sure, rain or heat will stop you from doing things outside, but it also ends up being a reasonable good time to drive out to the store or do some shopping or whatever, because driving in rain is not a problem. The only time you’ll have any issues is driving in a heavy downpour or in a thunderstorm, and most of the time those don’t last that long so you can wait it out. You can’t do that in a snowstorm or prolonged freezing rain, especially since when those end you still have major issues, whereas with the rain the problem is visibility, not traction.

This is one of the main reasons why I’d rather take vacation in the winter rather than the summer. Having to think about the weather all the time bugs me, but when I’m off I don’t have to think about it. There’s usually no place I have to drive to. And I can shovel any time I feel like it, from very early to very late, and not have it impact my life.

This does contribute to my feeling happy when winter ends, even though I like it better than summer. If I could have fall all year round, I’d be overjoyed.

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