All Good Things …

So, back in October, I started posting a new blog post a day, and I’ve managed to keep that up for roughly four months. One of the reasons I could do that was because work was pretty slow, meaning that I could write posts up then and schedule them to come out later to build up a backlog. But work is likely to get busier very soon, which means that I had to seriously think about whether or not I could maintain that pace.

After some thought, I figured that, yeah, I probably could. But it risked the blog taking up a very significant portion if not all of my spare time, and turning the blog into something more like a job than like a hobby. The original purpose of this blog was to give me a medium where I could write down the things I’ve been thinking about so that I could stop thinking about them. It’s become a bit more than that, but it’s still supposed to be something that I use to write down things that I want to write down, not something that I dedicate all of my spare time to maintaining … especially since I don’t in any way get paid for write it and have no interest in making it a paid job, at least for now. Considering that my spare time is getting overbooked anyway, it just didn’t seem reasonable to dedicate that much time to the blog.

That being said, the blog isn’t ending. I’m just going to stop trying to have a post every day. Instead, starting in February, I’ll try to have a new post up Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, at the usual time. There might be a post or two on the weekend if something catches my eye and I have time, and once I have a decent backlog in place I might slide some time relevant posts on the other days, again if something catches my eye and I have time.

Now, long-time readers of the blog will note that I’ve tried this before, and it hasn’t worked. However, I’m learning from my stint of once-per-day posts and not trying to write a post on those days, but instead scheduling posts ahead for those days and writing them when I do have time. Hopefully, this will allow me to remain consistent without being overly pressured to write posts continually.

Anyway, that’s where the blog is going in the near future, hopefully.

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