And so I face the final curtain …

There aren’t a lot of games that I’ve finished and never wanted to replay. For the most part, if I managed to finish it once it ends up being a game that I would replay if I had the time. But there were a few, that unhappy few, that band of … games that I finished and didn’t want to replay for some reason.

The first of those I remember is Shogun: Total War. Yes, that’s the original Shogun. Now, I don’t normally even count these games as being games I finished because winning it on one setting — usually “Easiest” — can’t really be said to be finishing it, anymore than you can claim to have “finished” Monopoly after playing a complete game. But this was a game that I started playing, played, enjoyed, won a round of … and then never loaded again. This one is a mysterious one, because I did like the game and really didn’t have any hard feelings about it. I especially loved sending my geisha in to execute every general in the opposing army before slaughtering their forces. But once I beat it I never loaded it again.

Another one that I can think of is Suikoden V. After struggling to finish it for so long, I find that I really don’t want to play it again. But in this case, I know why: while the story is good, the gameplay isn’t that great and can be really annoying at times. And I don’t think I’ll ever get all the stars to get a better ending, so why bother? I can just play Suikoden III if I want to play that sort of game.

And finally, the game that started me down this thought path: Catherine. Again, I know exactly why I don’t want to play it again: the story is okay, but the gameplay is so bad that I can’t bring myself to actually replay it. Every time I get even a small temptation to do so — usually while listening to the soundtrack, which is great to listen to at work — I remember all of those blocks and the falling and the blood and the screaming and decide to go do something less stressful and frustrating, like my income tax.

Now the last two might have a shot at being replayed, because I originally thought when I finished Persona 4 that I wouldn’t replay it much and, well, I’ve replayed it about 5 or 6 times, mostly because its Tartarus sections are easier to compartmentalize than Persona 3’s; you can literally just run through it in a couple of after school sessions and then spend the rest of the month on the S-links. I’m not sure that will happen with those, but I guess it’s possible.

It’s odd for me that when I see the final curtain of a game that that really is the final curtain for that game with me. But it does happen.

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