Let’s Get Not-So-Casual …

If I haven’t posted this already, it needs to be said. And if I have, it’s a good time to repost it. Actually, a few days ago would have been a good time to repost it [grin].

This seems like a good time to explain just what “Not-So-Casual Gamer” means, and why that name was chosen.

I’m pretty odd, for a gamer. In a lot of ways, I act like a casual gamer, looking for quick, fun games that I don’t have to learn a lot of involved mechanics to play. I just don’t have the time to learn that much about a game before I can have fun playing it. I’m also not all that informed about the latest and greatest games; an awful lot of the time I hear about a game off-hand or when I browse in the store. All that adds up to my wanting games to simply have fun with, without a lot of in-depth analysis over graphics or gameplay details.

But, as the previous columns have shown, I’m not that casual either. I do have a few websites that I visit where I can see what’s coming up. I browse on Gamefaqs frequently to see what new things are coming out and what people are saying about them. I have some fairly strong opinions about what I’m looking for in a game. I don’t generally like very shallow games, and instead prefer games with either a good story or the ability to make a good story yourself. And I have strong opinions about what genres I like and don’t like.

All of this combines to make me a bit of an odd gamer. In terms of time investment, I’m clearly casual; I don’t have a lot of time to play games and don’t care to invest a lot of time researching them to decide what I want to play, or even how to play them. I’m not going to enjoy a grind, for example, and am more than prepared to gripe about it. But I’m used to the conventions and so know what’s really grinding and what’s just necessary to make the game, well, a game.

So my columns come from that perspective, the perspective of someone who’s capable of picking up the little tricks but doesn’t have a great interest in doing it . The well-informed casual gamer. Or, the not-so-casual gamer


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