Reposts …

Just a note that for the next while I’ll be dumping my old Not-So-Casual Commentaries and Game Guiders reviews, because I want to get them posted and right now I’m chasing other things outside of the blog and so would like to get ahead a bit, and this is a relatively fast way to do that. So, as in all things, if you like them, you’ll be overjoyed, and if you don’t, you’ll be at best “Meh”.

There’s more of them than I thought there were, so it’ll stretch into the New Year … guaranteeing a post per day until the New Year. So that’s good. But it would also mean a full month of (almost) nothing but video game posts — and kinda old ones at that — so I’ll try to slide some philosophy and stuff in in-between, which should be possible since I’ll be off over the Christmas break.


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