Most Personally Memorable/Favourite Games (honourable mentions)

So, in this last post, I’ll talk about the games that didn’t quite make the cut. I could have just added them and gone to 60 or something, but for a lot of these games I don’t really feel that they are good enough to make the list of my favourite games, but they deserve to be mentioned as good games in their own light. So here they are, in no particular order:

Final Fantasy X: I like Yuna and can even tolerate Tidus. I like Lulu better though. The game was fun, although I hated the puzzle sequences when you were trying to get to the interior of the temple. But it’s not that memorable. It’s that game that I should finish sometime, not that game that I remember really fondly.

Afterlife: I talked about this game here, but I remember it more for wishing that I could play it and play it well than actually playing it. It was a unique game, but again I don’t really recall playing it that much.

Dragon Age Origins: The best thing about this game is the fact that you have so many choices for how you start the game, based on who you are and who you want to be, including what race and gender you are. But I find the gore that stays on you to be a bit much and jarring in cutscenes, the world is a bit too dark for my tastes, the combat is a bit too frenetic for me to handle and I dislike games where you can miss companions (I had to start over once because I missed Leiliana). I am planning on finishing this game, but I’m not sure it will ever make the list.

Sakura Wars: So Long, My Love: The interesting thing about this one is that I forgot about it when I was making up the list, and then wanted to add it onto the main list while writing in the descriptions … and then decided that even though at first blush it should be on the list, it wasn’t better than the 50th game for me. I liked the game, but I had more fun overall with the other games. Go figure.

Space 1889: What was great about this game? Tying it to the Victorian era and giving you related vices and virtues. So, the setting and the implementation of parts of that. I never got far in the game though.

Archon: If any of my friends from high school are reading this, they’ll probably wonder why this isn’t in the main list. I guess it’s because while I love the concept of chess where you actually fight over every square, and it implemented it well, it never really had anything like a story to it or anything, nor any way for me to build one. So, again, when I compared it to the 50th game on the list, it came up a bit short. But, still, “Kill it with your snake thing!”.

Now I’m sure that there are games that people think should be on the list, or should be there in a different order. All I can say here is that this is my list based on my own opinion, and I’m not trying to say that these games are necessarily better or worse than any others objectively. But let me finish by mentioning at least one set of games that people probably will be wondering why I didn’t mention them at all: the Fallouts, and Planescape: Torment. And the reason for that is pretty much the same for all of them: I was never able to get into them for some reason. I own them, they’re on my list to play, and they are the sort of games I liked, and yet they leave me cold. I can’t explain why, and I have tried to play them, to no avail. So perhaps this must remain one of the great mysteries of the universe.

Anyway, that’s it for the list. After this, I hope to get back to some philosophy and the like for a while, for those who care more about that than about games.


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