My Top 50 Most Personally Memorable/Favourite Games

So, Shamus Young did a list of the top 64 games. At the end of it, he said this about the project:

But the other thing I learned from all this is that these lists really don’t mean anything. My list isn’t really meaningful except as “List of Top 64 PC Games Played By Shamus Young that He Felt Like Talking About.” There’s a bit of value in that from the standpoint of trivia and curiosity, but it tells you more about me than it tells you about videogames.

Now, I had already decided to do a list of my own before he posted that — again, I’m scheduling things ahead and I’ve had content lately — but that sums up one of the main reasons that I decided to go ahead and do this. As I write more and more about video games, it’d be nice to have an article or set of articles that can sum up what sorts of games I like and what kind of player I am. And while a summary article would be shorter, it really can’t sum it up as well as a list of my favourite and memorable games and the reasons why they’re on the list and in the positions they are.

So despite the fact that I’m all about objectivity (well, not really), this is going to be a completely and totally subjective list. I’m not going to make any claims about whether these games are objectively better or worse than any other games. Any games that don’t make the list are either games that I haven’t played, or didn’t like or remember enough to make the list. In fact, how I generated the list was to first scour my memory to pick out the games that I remembered fondly, and then went through the games that I had handy to find ones that I when I saw them I thought “Oh, that game! I loved that game!” and then added it to the list.

Note that unlike Shamus I’m not limiting series to one entry. This is because I guess I play less games than he does ([grin]) but mostly because in a number of cases I liked one game in the series a lot more than others, or didn’t even like or play some entries in the series. It’s not reasonable for me, then, to try to judge the quality of various series, and I do have the room to judge each game individually.

I ended up with 50 games in the list, with some honourable mentions left over, and so will run these starting with 41 – 50 every day until I get through them all (the honourable mentions will come last). So if you’re here mainly for the philosophy … well, I have a lot of those sorts of posts in the archive and that will unfortunately have to hold you for the next week or so. For those who like video game posts, then this might interest you.



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