I think I’m in love …

So, I ordered Persona 4 Arena Multimax, and while waiting for it to arrive I decided to read a review of it. Well, it’s a Persona game; I was going to buy it no matter what anyway. At any rate, I read this review, read this part:

Just be warned: if you’re just here for the fighting, story mode will test your patience with seemingly interminable stretches without any actual gameplay. It’s more like a graphic novel with a few fights sprinkled in. There’s even an option to have the computer do the fighting for you, so people who just want to experience the story can do so.

Since I played the original Persona 4 Arena on Easy and did it mostly by hitting the one “combo” button over and over and over and over, and gave up on a Blazblue game and a Mortal Kombat game because I hit a part where I couldn’t win the battle … this sounds like a feature they added just for me! And, I guess, a lot of other people like me. I’m not alone!

So, yeah, totally worth buying. I think I’m in love.

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