A Rather Unique Afterlife …

So, while I was cleaning out my games a while back, I found my copy of this game. Now I’m pretty sure that my version won’t run anymore, but “Afterlife” was itself a unique little game. It took the “God game” or “city-builder” type of game and by virtue (heh) of its setting managed to create a unique experience. Essentially, you were placed in charge of … the afterlife. You had to create zones and buildings in Heaven or Hell, designed to either reward or punish the generic souls that were going to arrive there after they, well, died. This wouldn’t seem all that revolutionary, except that you had to manage two realms with very different requirements. Obviously, Heaven worked better the more efficient it was, as it is supposed to be a reward, but Hell worked better if it was less efficient. Or, at least, that was the theory that I seem to remember the manual putting forward. Thus, you ended up with two completely different realms that you have to manage in two completely different ways.

On reading the details at the wiki, I realized that I never knew just how complicated the game really was. I had forgotten about vibes, and had forgotten about the issues with your employees, where having too many of them might just result in a war between Heaven and Hell. But the details of what happens on Planet — the generic planet for your generic minions — was something that I don’t think I ever really knew.

I only played the game a little bit, and mostly remember it for its concept and the two advisers that interact with you and were actually quite funny at times. But it’s a good example of a game that takes a genre and uses an overall concept to build a unique and uniquely fun game, in the same vein as Dungeon Keeper and Majesty. Where are the games like that today?

3 Responses to “A Rather Unique Afterlife …”

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    […] I talked about this game here, but I remember it more for wishing that I could play it and play it well than actually playing it. […]

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    […] interesting gameplay can make for a game that stands out from the rest of the crowd in its genre (“Afterlife” is another example).  It could have been a basic real-time strategy game based on the idea that you were a ruler […]

  3. Most Personally Memorable/Favourite Games (Honourable Mentions) | The Verbose Stoic Says:

    […] I love the concept and the advisors.  But outside of that it’s a fairly standard strategy game, and one that I’m not particularly good at. […]

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